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Microarray Analysis
GeneChip expression arrays enable researchers to simultaneously monitor genome-wide expression profiles. RNA isolated from tissue-sections (eg. tumors) or cell lines is analyzed on the array. The signals indicate regulations e.g. of genes involved in disease processes. We mainly use high density  microarrays by Affymetrix.
Microarray Analysis – Procedure
Microarray analysis calls for standardization and precise control of influencing factors. That’s why we offer help regarding the experimental design and preanalytics. The customer gets SOPs for the experimental steps.
On every level of preparation appropriate controls of the analytical process are performed. For the assessment of RNA quality, we recommend a Lab-Chip-Analysis (Agilent Bioanalyzer) or the use of Test-Arrays.
Microarray Analysis – Data mining
Following programs for datamining are available to our customers: Microarray Suite, MAS 5.0, GeneChip Operating System, GCOS 1.3 (Server), MS-SQL, Data Mining Tool, DMT 3.1, MS-Access, MS-Excel, NetAffx, R, D-Chip, GenMAPP, Diverse internet databases
The evaluated data can be transferred either per FTP, DVD, CD-ROM or ZIP-disc.The datamining itself is not offered as service. Support is possible.

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